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Zhou yinghuai, general manager of Injet, won the title of “era entrepreneur”

On the afternoon of July 16, the Organization Department of Deyang Municipal Party committee (the municipal talent Office) held an expert Talent Forum to study and implement the spirit of the general secretary, Xi jinping’s important speech on July 1. The theme of the conference was “talent’s heart to the party and struggle to open up a new route”. The 15 expert talents who won the honor of the first “intelligent future · Deyang talents” were awarded awards. Zhou yinghuai, general manager of INJET, won the title of “entrepreneur of the times”.
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This award is aimed at the selection of the first “intelligent future · Deyang talents” held in Deyang City, to commend the expert talents who have made outstanding contributions to the socialist construction and economic development of Deyang City. It aims to strengthen the construction of the talent team of Deyang City, carry forward the spirit of the times of patriotism, struggle and contribution, and call on everyone to devote themselves to the cause, forge ahead and make greater contributions to the party and the country.
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INJET has been working for more than 20 years, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of industrial power products. As the general manager of INJET, “never forgets the original intention and pursues the dream”, Zhou yinghuai led all employees to strive hard and study hard, built the company into a leading brand of domestic power control, industrial power supply and special power supply equipment, and realized the import substitution of industrial power supply products in many industries.

“Contribute our strength to the high-quality development of Deyang.” General manager Zhou yinghuai said at the meeting that the company’s achievements should be thanks not only to the efforts of all employees, but also to the care and support of the party and the state. INJET has always adhered to the original intention and dream when it was founded, adhered to ingenuity, created the future intelligently, driven the core competitiveness by technological research and development, and contributed to the high-quality development of Deyang and the country.

As a listed enterprise, it needs to achieve continuous growth and development under the condition of stable performance, bring more feedback to shareholders, and create greater value for the country, the local and the customers. In the future, INJET will continue to shoulder the mission of leading the development with innovation and implementing with hard work to promote the localization of industrial power supply.

Post time: May-27-2022

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