TEL: +86 838-2900585 / 2900586

Customer service


Service Concept

Pursue excellence, exceed expectations and create value

Service Response

Experienced full-time service engineers provide you with round the clock service;
Service hotline: 0838-2900488, 0838-2900938; you can also use the after-sales email or leave a message on the website to contact us.


Pre sales / In Sales / After-sales Support

Project consulting and system design, and assist customers to develop professional system solutions; Provide corresponding technical guidance and system training, and be responsible for the commissioning and installation of the project products; In addition, we can provide more customized value-added services according to your needs.

Service Supervision

If you have any suggestions and comments on the services provided by the after-sales service engineers, please call our service supervision hotline.

Service supervision Tel.: 0838-2900585. In order to provide you with more comprehensive, professional and personal service support, we sincerely welcome you to give guidance and suggestions on our service mode, service management and service content, and also invite you to supervise the work of our after-sales service personnel.


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