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Injet Won The Third Prize Of Sichuan Patent Award In 2020

On November 23, the official website of the Sichuan provincial government released the decision of the people’s Government of Sichuan Province on awarding the 2020 Sichuan patent award. Among them, Injet’s application project “current detection circuit, feedback control circuit and power supply for stack control power supply” won the third prize of Sichuan patent award in 2020.

The Sichuan patent award is a patent implementation and industrialization award of Sichuan Province established by the people’s Government of Sichuan Province. It is selected once a year to provide subsidies and incentives to enterprises and institutions within the administrative region of Sichuan province that have achieved significant economic benefits, social benefits and good development prospects in patent implementation and industrialization, so as to accelerate the cultivation of new advantages driven by innovation and further promote the construction of a leading intellectual property province.

“Innovation is the first power to lead development”. Injet insists on taking technological innovation as the source power of enterprise development. With innovative thinking and leading technology, Injet has independently developed a number of industrial power products and made efforts to promote the localization of industrial power. In addition, it has thoroughly implemented the intellectual property rights of innovation achievements. At present, it has obtained 122 valid authorized patents (including 36 invention patents) and 14 computer software copyrights. The company has successively won the honors of “national high-tech enterprise”, “national intellectual property advantage enterprise”, “national specialized and new” small giant “enterprise” and so on.


The winning of the third prize of Sichuan patent award this time is not only a strong reflection of the company’s implementation of scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property protection, but also the affirmation and support of the provincial government for the company’s emphasis on patent creation, application and protection, and the promotion of better transformation of patented technology into practical productivity. Injet will make persistent efforts, adhere to independent innovation, improve the level of intellectual property creation and application, and promote the process of patent implementation and industrialization.

Post time: May-27-2022

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