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Visit Germany Again, INJET At EV Charging Equipment Exhibition in Munich, Germany

On June 14th, Power2Drive EUROPE was held in Munich, Germany. Over 600,000 industry professionals and more than 1,400 companies from the global new energy industry gathered at this exhibition. In the exhibition, INJET brought a variety of EV charger to make a stunning appearance.

Power2Drive EUROPE

“Power2Drive EUROPE” is one of the core sub-exhibitions of THE Smarter E, which is held concurrently with the other three major new energy technology exhibitions under the umbrella of THE Smarter E. In this global new energy industry event, INJET was present at booth B6.104 to showcase its cutting-edge R&D technology, high-quality charger products and industry-leading solutions.

exhibition site

Participating in this exhibition is one of the important channels for INJET to show its brand power to the European market. For this exhibition, INJET brought the newly designed Swift series, Sonic series, The Cube series and The Hub series of EV charger. As soon as the products were unveiled, they attracted many visitors to inquire. After listening to the introduction of the relevant personnel, many visitors had an in-depth discussion with the company’s overseas business manager and talked about the unlimited potential of the charging post industry in the future.

EV charger products

Germany has a large number of public charging posts and is one of the largest charging station markets in Europe. In addition to providing high-quality AC EV charger for European customers, INJET also provided The Hub Pro DC fast charger, which is more suitable for public commercial fast charging. The Hub Pro DC fast charger has a power range of 60 kW to 240 kW, peak efficiency ≥96%, and adopts one machine with two guns, with constant power module and intelligent power distribution, which can provide efficient charging for efficient charging of new energy vehicles.

INJET-The Hub Pro Scene graph 2-

In addition, a considerable number of customers are interested in the programmable charging post power controller inside The Hub Pro DC Fast Chargers. This device highly integrates the complex charging post control and related power devices, which greatly simplifies the internal structure of the charging post and makes the maintenance and repair of the charging post particularly convenient. This device precisely addresses the pain points of high labor cost and long distance of charging outlets in the European market, and was awarded a German utility model patent. 


INJET always insists on domestic-based and global business layout. With the high-quality resources of major exhibition platforms, the company will continue to communicate and dialogue with major new energy manufacturers in the world, continuously improve and innovate EV charger products, and accelerate the global green energy transformation and upgrading.

Post time: Jun-21-2023

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