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The first production line of Sinopec Shanghai for large strand carbon fiber was successfully put into production!

In October 2022, the KTY3S series power controller produced by Sichuan Injet Power Co., Ltd. was successfully used in the first production line of large strand carbon fiber of Shanghai Petrochemical. The successful production of Sinopec Shanghai 48K large tow carbon fiber domestic line makes it the first enterprise in China and the fourth enterprise in the world to master the industrialization of 48K large tow carbon fiber.


In order to make the large tow carbon fiber truly possess “Chinese technology”, Sinopec Shanghai has customized a special production line for the large tow from equipment to process. For example, the oxidation furnace and carbonization furnace are designed according to the requirements of the large tow, which not only successfully mastered the key core technology of temperature field control, but also equipped with energy-saving design to realize the comprehensive utilization of energy, which is unique at home and abroad. Sinopec has set a milestone in the history of carbon fiber construction in China by designing and manufacturing its own localization production line according to the characteristics of large wire bundles.

What are the advantages of large tow?

In the carbon fiber industry, those with more than 48000 carbon fibers per bundle (48K for short) are usually called large tow carbon fibers.

The large tow carbon fiber has excellent performance and is known as the “king of new materials” and “black gold”. The large tow carbon fiber developed and trial produced by Shanghai Petrochemical is a new high-strength fiber material with a carbon content of more than 95%. Its mechanical properties are excellent, its proportion is less than a quarter of that of steel, its strength is 7 to 9 times that of steel, and it also has corrosion resistance. In addition, the biggest advantage of 48K large tow is that under the same production conditions, it can not only greatly improve the single line capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber, but also achieve low-cost production, thus breaking the application limitations of carbon fiber caused by the high price.

Post time: Nov-01-2022

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