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Injet Electric &Weeyu Electric appeared at the 2022 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference

From August 27 to 29, 2022, the 2022 World Clean Energy Equipment Conference was held in Deyang, Sichuan, and Injet Electric and its wholly-owned subsidiary Weeyu Electric appeared at the exhibition.



This conference is the first world-class clean energy equipment industry event held in China. More than 2000 domestic and foreign guests from 21 countries and regions participated in this conference through online and offline means, with a total of 184 exhibitors. The advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology in the whole industrial chain of “source network, load storage” in Sichuan, even in the whole country and the whole world will be comprehensively displayed in a matrix and scenario perspective.

Founded in Deyang in 1996, Injet Electric has been a leading photovoltaic power supply enterprise with the largest sales volume in China after more than 20 years of intensive cultivation; The wholly-owned subsidiary Weeyu Electric focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of charging piles, and has become one of the important new energy electric vehicle charging pile manufacturers in the central and western regions of China.

Injet Electric adheres to the principle of “building a business through technology” and constantly introduces new products. This exhibition has brought new products such as industrial and commercial energy storage system, water electrolysis hydrogen generation power supply system, and discussed with industry friends about green and low-carbon advanced process equipment manufacturing.


It has become a global goal and consensus to promote a green energy era characterized by efficiency, cleanness, low-carbon and intelligence. Injet Electric will contribute more wisdom and strength to the clean energy equipment industry!

Post time: Aug-29-2022

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