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36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition Concluded Successfully

36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition kicked off on June 11 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, California, USA. More than 400 companies and 2000 professional visitors visited the show, brings together industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and enthusiasts under one roof to explore and promote the cutting-edge advancements in electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable mobility. INJET brought the latest American version of AC EV charger and embedded AC Charger Box and other products to the exhibition.


The Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition was held in 1969 and is one of the influential conferences and exhibitions in the field of new energy vehicle technology and academics in the world today. INJET showed Vision series, Nexus series and embedded AC Charger Box to the professional visitors.

The exhibition hall buzzed with activity as attendees explored an array of cutting-edge charging stations, charging cables, and related equipment. Exhibitors unveiled their latest products, highlighting improvements in charging speeds, compatibility with different vehicle models, and enhanced user experience. From sleek home chargers to rapid DC fast chargers capable of delivering high power output, the exhibition showcased a wide range of options catering to various needs.

INJET-Nexus(US) Scene graph 2-V1.0.0

As governments around the world are increasingly focusing on decarbonizing transportation, exhibitions like this serve as important catalysts in shaping the future of sustainable mobility. The EV Charger Exhibition not only showcased the latest advancements but also fostered collaboration between industry leaders, governments, and consumers, ultimately driving the transition to a greener transportation ecosystem.

As this year’s Electric Vehicle Charger Show comes to a successful conclusion, industry enthusiasts and consumers alike are eagerly awaiting the next show, where even more groundbreaking technologies and solutions will be unveiled. As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to soar, it is clear that the future of transportation is undoubtedly electric, and the charging infrastructure is poised to play a key role in making that transition.

At the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition, INJET showed its latest charging pile technology and products to the audience, and also had in-depth communication with professional visitors and industry experts and scholars from all over the world. INJET will continue to explore the future charger market and technology direction, and make its own contribution to promote the development of new energy vehicle industry and world environmental protection.

Post time: Jun-20-2023

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