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TPH10 series three-phase power controller

Short Description:

series three-phase power controller can be applied to heating occasions with three-phase AC power supply of 100V-690V.


● Full digital control, high precision and high stability
● With effective value and average value control
● Multiple control modes are available for selection
● Support the second generation patented power distribution option, effectively reduce the impact on the power grid and improve the power supply security
● LED keyboard display, easy operation, support keyboard display external lead
● Narrow body design, compact structure and convenient installation
● Standard configuration RS485 communication, support Modbus RTU communication; Expandable Profibus-DP and
● Profinet communication

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TPH10 series three-phase power controller supports a wide range of rated current and can meet various applications, such as: electric melting, float glass forming, float glass annealing, steel annealing, lithium positive and negative electrode material sintering, roller kiln, mesh belt furnace, annealing furnace, aging furnace, quenching furnace, copper wire annealing, etc.

Specification parameters

Main circuit power supply  3ФAC230V、400V、500V、690V,50/60Hz
Control power supply AC110V~240V、20W、50/60Hz
Fan power supply AC115V、AC230V,50/60Hz
Output voltage: 0 ~ 98% of the main circuit power supply voltage (phase shift control)
Output current 25A~700A
Performance index
Control accuracy 1%
Stability     ≤ 0.2%
Control characteristics
Operation mode: phase shift triggering, power regulation fixed period, power regulation variable period
Control mode α、U、I、U2、I2、P
Control signal (analog, digital, communication)
Load property: resistive load, inductive load
Interface description
AI1:DC 4~20mA;AI2:DC 0~5V/0~10V)Analog input (2 channels)
(DC 4~20mA/0~20mA)Analog output (2 channels)
Switch input: 3-way normally open
Switch output: 1-way normally open
Communication   Standard configuration RS485 communication, support Modbus RTU communication; Expandable Profibus-DP and Profinet communication

Rated current Rated voltage Fan voltage Communication parameters Customized by the manufacturer
Model Rated current (A) Overall dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Cooling mode:
TPH10-25-T □□□ 25 260×146×213 5.3 Air cooling
TPH10-40-T □□□ 40 260×146×223 6.5 Fan cooling
TPH10-75-T □□□ 75 6.5
TPH10-100-T□□□ 100 350×146×243 9.5
TPH10-150-T□□□ 150 10
TPH10-200-T□□□ 200 395×206×273 11.5
TPH10-250-T□□□ 250 16
TPH10-350-T□□□ 350 16
TPH10-450-T□□□ 450 400×311×303 26
TPH10-500-T□□□ 500 26
TPH10-600-T□□□ 600 465×366×303 33
TPH10-700-T□□□ 700 33
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