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PDA315 series fan cooling programmable DC power supply

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PDA315 series programmable power supply is a fan cooling DC power supply with high accuracy and high stability. The output power is ≤ 15kw, the output voltage is 8-600V, and the output current is 25-1800A. It adopts 3U standard chassis design. The products are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, lasers, magnet accelerators, laboratories and other industries with high requirements.


● IGBT inverter technology and high-speed DSP as control core
● Constant voltage / constant current automatic switching
● High precision regulation of voltage and current through digital encoder
● Standard RS485 communication, optional other communication modes
● Support external analog programmable and monitoring (0-5V or 0-10V)

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Specification parameters

Performance index
Conversion efficiency 84%~90%(full load)
Power factor 0.9~0.99(full load)
ppm/℃(100%RL)Temperature coefficient 100
Overall dimensions 0.75kW~5kW,1U,1U chassis;10kW~15kW, 2-3U,2-3U chassis
Cooling mode Fan cooling
Constant voltage mode
(20MHz)mVp-p Noise 70 100 130 150 175 200 300 400
纹波(5Hz-1MHz)mVrmsRipple 30 35 35 35 65 65 65 65
V Max. compensation voltage ±3V
(100%RL) Input adjustment rate 5×10-4(10kW Below 10kW) 1×10-4(10kW Above 10kW)
(10%~100%RL)  Load adjustment rate 5×10-4(10kW Below 10kW) 3×10-4(10kW Above 10kW)
8h(100%RL) Stability 1×10-4(7.5~80V), 5×10-5(100~250V)
Constant current mode
(20MHz)mVp-p  Noise 70 100 130 150 175 200 300 400
(5Hz~1MHz)mVrmsRipple 30 35 35 35 65 65 65 65
(100%RL) Input adjustment rate 1×10-4(10kW Below 10kW) 5×10-4(10kW Above 10kW)
(10%~100%RL)  Load adjustment rate 3×10-4(10kW Below 10kW) 5×10-4(10kW Above 10kW)
8h(100%RL)DCCT Stability 4×10-4(25A~200A), 1×10-4(250A~500A)


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PDA315 series fan cooling programmable power supply specification
Model PDA315
Size 3U
Power 15kW
(VAC) Input voltage 3ØC176-265V (T2 ) 3ØC342-460V (T4 )
(VDC) Rated voltage Rated output current
8 1800
10 1500
12.5 1200
15 1000
20 750
25 600
30 500
40 375
50 300
60 250
80 190
100 150
125 120
150 100
200 75
250 60
300 50
400 38
500 30
600 25

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